Pax Innovation is north Georgia’s premier audio electronics service center. We offer a wide array of services to audio and home theater enthusiasts including, but not limited to, the following:

Why choose Pax Innovation?

Our company is comprised of engineers and audiophiles who not only take pride in their work, but who love what they do. Our level of dedication to the audio community is revealed in the attention to detail in our electronics repairs, and the craftsmanship of each speaker re-cone. Every solder joint is clean and precise. Your loudspeakers are returned in fresh from the factory condition. When you choose Pax Innovation, you can count on the quality of workmanship and the high quality parts we use. Most electronics repair shops look for ways to cut cost such as using any cheaply available solder. At Pax Innovation we only use Kester 63/37 because it limits the possibility of cold solder joints. While this is an expensive choice, it’s just one of the many quality assurance measures we have in place to ensure our work is second to none. After all, in the world of audio, it’s the details that matter most.

When it comes to loudspeaker repairs our services are used by studios and audiophile collectors who demand nothing less than perfection. Maybe that’s why we’re trusted by customers as far away as Detroit, New York City, and Houston. They would rather pay the shipping to Atlanta, than trust their prized vintage JBL’s, Altecs, Klipsch’s, B&W’s and TAD’s to just anyone with a bottle of glue. When you choose Pax Innovation, you’re expecting nothing less than the best.

Thorens Turntables

Thorens TurntablesPax Innovation is an authorized Thorens service center. We provide warranty service for all current model turntables. We also repair and restore all models of vintage Thorens turntables. Our restoration services go beyond basic repair to include cabinet refinishing, dust cover polishing, and platter polishing. In addition to Thorens we also service virtually all makes and models of turntables including SOTA, Linn, Dual, Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, Micro Seiki, SME, and VPI.

What our customers say about us


The home theater is simply amazing! Your advice and installation saved me over $6,000. THANK YOU! – C. Quarles

The restoration work you did on my vintage Thorens turntable and JBL speakers is far better than I imagined. They look and work like they did when I bought them back in 1977. – R. Schafer

North Georgia Audio Society

Audiophile Nirvana

Pax Innovation is a regular contributor to Audiophile Nirvana, the official publication of the North Georgia Audio Society.

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